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Complacent IT Technicians Can Be a Company’s Worst Nightmare

Complacent IT Technicians Can Be a Company’s Worst Nightmare

The modern business is inundated with all types of threats, from people outside the organization phishing around for information, to employees that are aloof to their role in your network’s security. If your network’s security is like a levee, it is indisputably an IT department’s job to fill in the gaps to ensure a deluge of misfortune doesn’t swamp your company’s IT. So what happens when your company’s IT department is the biggest offender of perilous activity?

According to a report that was commissioned by cloud business app provider Intermedia and concocted by Precision Sample, the people tasked with keeping your IT infrastructure and network secure are the most likely to ignore industry best practices concerning network security. The study produced some concerning numbers, including 32 percent of IT staff respondents admitting that they are more than 10 percent more likely to to give out their login credentials than your normal worker. Intermedia VP of Identity and Access Management, Richard Walters explains.

It’s nearly always that technical people are the worst offenders. They know how to get around various controls that an IT team will put in place. It’s sometimes done with the best intent, but nevertheless with a complete lack of consideration for the risk or security implications.

Additionally, over one-quarter of IT professionals polled said they’ve permeated IT systems to which they were no longer allowed access to, and over 30 percent said that they would absolutely take data from a company they were leaving if they thought it could personally benefit their careers. This is over three times the amount of business professionals under the same circumstances.

Overall, 93 percent of polled participants admitted to some sort of insecure IT practice; a striking number that had a myriad of negative results, including data breaches, regulatory compliance failures, and deliberate sabotage. These scenarios can leave an organization exposed to potentially devastating positions.

At Argentum IT LLC, our managed IT services can alleviate nearly all of your potential IT disasters, including situations like a complacent technician sharing information they clearly shouldn’t be sharing. Our certified and trustworthy technicians remotely monitor and maintain your network to proactively squelch potential problems before they come to fruition. Our techs are well versed in industry best practices and understand exactly what it takes to keep your organization’s IT safe. To learn more about our managed IT services, give us a call today at (502) 473-6407.

When Disaster Strikes, You’ll Be Happy Your IT is Redundant

When Disaster Strikes, You’ll Be Happy Your IT is Redundant

When it comes to your business’s technology infrastructure, the more basic it is, the better. Granted, a simple IT infrastructure isn’t always easy to install, especially when there are so many great solutions on the market that can be implemented to achieve optimal efficiency. Sometimes the best IT solutions are those that make your technology simpler to manage, and your network less complicated. That said, you’d think redundancy would complicate this formula, but it’s actually a necessity for your business continuity plan.

In IT, redundancy refers to the safeguarding of your business’s technology infrastructure, primarily its data. Organizations that have redundant IT infrastructures are capable of guaranteeing that their data is securely stored elsewhere in the case of an emergency. Essentially, achieving data redundancy is the same as taking proactive measures to keep your information safe in the event of a catastrophic data disaster, such as the failure of a mission-critical piece of hardware, or the theft of vital information from a hacking attack.

Considering the fact that most businesses that fail to recover from a data loss disaster declare bankruptcy within a year of the incident, your business has no choice but to ensure that your organization’s data is as redundant and secure as possible from both internal and external threats that could result in data loss, like user error, hardware failure, and hacking attacks.

What we’re proposing to you is that you take advantage of a complete data backup and disaster recovery solution that’s optimized for data redundancy. The ideal backup solution takes multiple snapshots of your business’s data throughout the workday, so you can know with confidence that your backups are as recent as possible, minimizing data loss and mitigating the damage of such incidents. This data should be sent to multiple secure locations, like a cloud-based data storage unit or a secure, off-site data center. This helps preserve your data from hackers and other disasters, should one location be destroyed or rendered obsolete.

Of course, having backups of your IT infrastructure and data available on a whim is only so useful if you’re having trouble rapidly deploying them. This is the second important piece of a data backup and disaster recovery solution: the recovery itself. You want your data to be restored as quickly as possible to ensure that you experience minimal downtime. In fact, with Argentum IT LLC’s backup and disaster recovery solution, you won’t have to worry about the deployment of your data post-disaster. The BDR device can act as a temporary server in the event of a hardware failure, automatically deploying your data backups and effectively taking the server’s place while you search for a quality hardware replacement. How’s that for redundancy?

For more information about how Argentum IT LLC can make your life easier with our technology management solutions, give us a call at (502) 473-6407.

Spending on Cloud IT Infrastructures Projected to Reach $33.4 Billion in 2015

Spending on Cloud IT Infrastructures Projected to Reach $33.4 Billion in 2015

b2ap3_thumbnail_cloud_computing_enhancement_400.jpgHow much thought have you put into your business’s cloud solution? If you haven’t already considered cloud computing, you definitely should. There’s a reason why cloud spending is in third place overall in IT expenditures, and that’s thanks to the overwhelming benefits that it offers in contrast to the traditional IT network model.

In fact, according to the Worldwide Cloud IT Infrastructure tracker for the first quarter of 2015, cloud IT will soon trump spending on traditional IT models sometime in the next decade.

There are several noteworthy observations to make concerning this image:

Traditional IT is still the main player for 2015, rolling in at just over 65 percent of all deployments.
Public cloud IT accounts for around 20 percent of all deployments.
Private cloud IT makes up over 10 percent of all deployments.
Over the next five years, traditional IT will continue to decrease in usage, while the public cloud will make a significant jump in use. Private clouds will continue to grow, but not as quick a rate as the public cloud.

On the financial scale, here are some statistics:

Spending on cloud IT infrastructures will reach $33.4 billion in 2015 alone.
Spending on private cloud infrastructures will grow to $11.7 billion.
Public cloud shows projected expenditures and growth of up to $21.7 billion.

These numbers show that the cloud industry is growing at a staggering rate, and that while traditional IT expenditures continue to fall, they’re not being mitigated slowly enough to be considered an afterthought yet. Whether or not your business wants to integrate a cloud solution shouldn’t be a question. The benefits greatly outweigh the costs in the long run, and there are a plethora of options to choose from; be it private cloud, public cloud, or even a mix of the two in a hybrid cloud solution.

It must be emphasized that the cloud can not only benefit your business model, but it can also increase your company’s mobility. By giving your employees the ability to access mission-critical applications and information while out of the office, you’re opening up more opportunities for productivity outside of the workplace. This lets your team choose how they want to work, and on what device.

It’s safe to say that the cloud is revolutionizing the deployment of information and applications, but what are your thoughts on it? If you have questions or concerns, feel free to call Argentum IT LLC. We can discuss how the cloud can benefit your business, and what complications you need to look out for. We can even help you integrate your own customized cloud solution. Contact us at (502) 473-6407 for more information.