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10 Awesome Benefits You Can Offer Your Employees

By Valerie Reeves, President and Owner of Preferred Benefits LLC

Though getting great talent through the door might require nothing more than an advertisement and required benefits, keeping them with the company is another task. As an employer, it is imperative to the success of your company that you show your staff just how much you value what they do. By offering additional benefits, you’re not only showing your appreciation, but motivating your employees to excel within your organization. Below is a list of 10 benefits to offer your staff:

  1. Profit Sharing: This is the method in which you offer your staff a percentage of the company profits. This is outside of their normal salary. You can make these benefits unique to the structure of your company’s finances by offering profits on a quarterly or annual basis. When your staff feels as though they benefit from your company’s profitability, they’re more appreciative and work harder to excel each year.
  2. Gym Memberships: Employee wellness programs are a great way to show your staff that you care about them as individuals. Healthy employees call in sick less and work a lot harder. Offering your staff a full or partial paid gym membership is a great incentive.
  3. Sports Teams: What better way to encourage teamwork and improve company morale than to start a company sports team? Your staff will enjoy this perk in that they have the opportunity to bond with coworkers outside of the confinements of the office.
  4. Treat to OffSite Events: Treat the staff to a day out of the office. Whether you host a bowling event, have a nice company picnic, or invite staff to play a round of golf on the company, they’ll enjoy the experience. It allows your staff to connect and comingle. If you really want to increase employee appreciation, invite them to bring their families along for the festivities.
  5. Subsidized Education: Continued education has become a huge interest for many adults. However, the cost of going to college can often prevent them from wanting to attend. By offering to pay for a percentage of their tuition, you’re showing that you care about their growth and development.
  6. Time Off for Birthdays: Who really wants to come to work on their birthday? If you really want to make your staff feel special, allow them to have paid time off on that special day.
  7. Sports Tickets: Looking for little incentives that you can hand out to your star employees? Sports tickets are a great perk. You don’t have to purchase expensive tickets for them to feel appreciated. Two tickets to a local sports team are very affordable but the appreciation is priceless.
  8. Free Food: Employees like to feel at home. They’re at work for a large chunk of the day, and the more at home you can make them feel, the better. Providing free food is one way to do this. This might include always having bagels, coffee, tea, and danishes in the breakroom. It might also mean providing free lunch to the staff on a quarterly basis.
  9. Childcare Assistance: A parent’s first concern is the well-being of their children. Offering onsite childcare or even providing partial payment for nearby childcare centers takes a load off of your employee’s shoulders. This is especially true if there is childcare on the premises, as they can easily run down and check in on their children.
  10. Flex Time: Flex time simply means allowing your staff to choose their start and finish time. In doing so, you show your staff that you care about their personal lives. They have the flexibility to choose the hours that work best with their schedules at home.

It doesn’t take much to let your employees know that you care about more than just their work ethic and skills to complete a job. You can make these ten benefits unique to the budget and needs of your company. Once you start implementing these perks, you’ll see a difference in the way your staff values the work that they do and the company as a whole.