Monthly Archives: July 2015

How To Cause A “Reset”

I recently referred a client, a commercial custom ink manufacturer and distributor, to Reset Strategies, LLC, one of my EST marketing partners. I thought they could benefit from working with Reset.


My client is now in their “second generation” as a medium sized family business and they have developed a significant customer based during the past thirty years.

As with all businesses, customers “come and go” and Reset was able to generate significant business growth just from effectively re-contacting their prior customers without inordinately expensive advertising costs or capital outlay. Reset was able to capitalize on my client’s goodwill and favorable reputation by recommending the appropriate marketing strategies that would cause these customers to purchase their goods and services again. With more established and mature businesses, that typically have extensive customer lists, Reset usually generates a much higher return on investment with a company’s existing and prior customers as compared to the higher expense of soliciting new customers.

Thank you Chad and Brad. My client thanks you as well.

-David Cooper

Do You Know A Good Lawyer Joke…I Mean A Lawyer Who Can Help Me?

I had a client with a need.

They are an internet based upscale startup, which sells wearing apparel. As every start up does, they needed a corporate/business/intellectual property attorney.

I called David H. Cooper,an EST member.


My client needed comprehensive legal advice on how to set up her business and both establish and protect her intellectual property. It was critical to adopt, clear, select and federally register a new service mark in order to avoid any possible re-branding should any third party subsequently assert any likelihood of confusion.

The protection of her new marketing identity was a critical startup concern, especially since the client had aspirations of licensing (and/or franchising) the use of the service mark to others. There were also copyright issues involved in protecting the expression of her design formats.

A creative approach was needed.

David organized her into a limited liability company using shifting ownership interests to give a preferred return of investment to her outside investors, providing for a more “user friendly” transaction in order to attract the outside investors.

My client deeply appreciated David’s holistic advice in addressing all of the syndication issues of her new company and making sure her intellectual property and marketing concepts were legally protected.


David, as always, came through for me and my client. Thanks David.

-Chad Celi/Reset Strategies